The Porters Neck Homeowners Association (PNHOA) and the Porters Neck Country Club (PNCC) are two distinctly different organizations, with different management, budgets and purposes.  However, they coordinate on matters related to land and pond management, security, emergency preparedness and safety.  
Owners of properties within the PNHOA defined area (generally, within the gates of the community) are automatically members of the PNHOA but are not required to be members of the PNCC.  Membership within the PNCC is not restricted to the PNHOA area; many members of the PNCC reside outside of the gates.  A link to the PNCC website, which describes the Club’s organization and the activities that are available at the Club is Here
The PNHOA is managed by a Board elected by members.   This Board operates under the authority of North Carolina statutes (laws) relating to homeowner associations and certain other legal documents, such as articles of incorporation, a declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions, and bylaws.  These statutes and documents define the legal responsibilities and duties for the HOA. Under the guidance of the Board there are committees, composed of residents, which carry out defined responsibilities.  Current committees include: 
  •        Architectural Review
  •        Community Relations
  •        Finance
  •        Infrastructure
  •        Landscape
  •        Marine Resources
  •        Security
  •        Stormwater Management
  •        Website/Communications
All PNHOA members are encouraged to engage in the management of the Association, including service on the Board and committees to help maintain the quality of life that we all enjoy.